The Benchmarking Service is being run with the support of WATMOS Community Homes. The development of this site has been supported with a grant from the Government£s Tenant Empowerment Programme. TMOs looking to assess and improve performance in areas such as housing management, good governance and financial management need to pinpoint areas of strength and weakness. This Benchmarking Service helps you to compare your performance with other TMOs. You can then identify and share good practice related to the topics of your choice.

This site will enable your TMO to enter data and then generate benchmarking reports easily and quickly. The service is currently free of charge but only those TMOs who enter their own performance data will be given access to the area of the site where you can create your own reports.

The functions of the site are easy to use and you do not need to be technically minded to create and print useful benchmarking reports. However you can, if you wish, view and download a step-by-step guide to entering data and generating reports (click here to view). TMOs who participate at this stage are part of the process of developing and improving this new service so we would welcome your feedback to [email protected]

If you have any problems or need further assistance please contact Louise Walker on 01922 471910 or [email protected]

Entering Your Performance Data

Please note that if your TMO has previously uploaded data and you now wish to amend that data or enter new data for a new period, then you should use the edit facility at the bottom of this page. If you have forgotten your password contact the NFTMO.
The link below will take you to the form where you can input your 2010-11 performance data. There are likely to be indicators that you don't collect. If so please leave those boxes blank (do not add any explanatory text). In the boxes which require number entries please do not enter £, % or any other symbols or text.

Before entering your data please read our guidance notes. The notes include an explanation of each performance indicator so that we can make sure that, as far as possible, you are comparing like with like. For your convenience we suggest you complete a hard copy of the data input form and then transfer the information to the online form.

Performance data forms

Download PDF version of the form
Download Word document version of form

Go to on-line form to input your details

Generate Your Own On-line Benchmarking Reports

Generate Your Own Online Benchmarking Reports

This facility enables you to select performance indicators and generate reports to compare your TMOS£ performance with others in the database. You can also edit data that you have already uploaded or upload an entirely new set of data for a new period.

Please note that these reports and the information they contain are only available to those participating in the scheme and are accessed using the password created when your TMO uploaded data.

Log-in to create reports or update your data

Log-in to create reports or update your data